Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Glimmer of Gold

Allow us to introduce you to the amazing Liz Goldsberry, who is not only the very proud mama of Sheila, but also one of the amazing participants in the 3Day crop.

My daughter Sheila is the creative genius of this event and needless to say I am happy to support her endeavors in any way I can.  And what better way than to participate in an event where I not only get to do something I really enjoy and raise funds for a cause very close to my heart.
- Liz Goldsberry
As mentioned above, the 3Day crop holds a very special place in Liz's heart and it's only partly related to the fact that Sheila spearheaded it.

Sheila and I (my daughter Lisa lived too far away to assist) did home care for my mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 1989 and fought the good fight until December 1, 1995.


For seven years, Liz and Sheila participated in a 24 hour scrapping event that turned into a breast cancer fundraiser in its second year.  I think we can only imagine the exhaustion that hits after 24 hours of scrapping!  Whew....that's amazing, ladies!

Knowing of the exhaustion that this 24 hour event left on the body....why did Liz continue to participate?

By participating in these events, our lives have been enriched by the new friends we have made and the scrapbooking community as a whole.....[and] I know the funds will not only go to research but also to help cancer patients (women and men alike) in all phases of their treatment from mammograms to helping pay their bills when they are not capable of doing so themselves.

And is fundraising difficult for Liz?  Not anymore! 

She boasts of an almost fool proof method to raise funds that she has perfected over the past decade (that sentence alone is unbelievable!).

I mail out letter to everyone on my Christmas card list (and everyone at work) and enclose a self-addressed envelope.

And no donation is too small or too large.  Giving is giving...and every little bit donated has easily helped her raise $2,000.00 each year.

So after giving back what should amount to almost $20,000 in a decade (yup, you read that right), what project does Liz hope to concentrate on at the 3Day crop?

I am a Scrapbooker and plan to use the time at the 3Day Crop to finish the book of our 44,000 mile roadtrip to Chicago (come back so I can meet you Liz!) and back in July and August for CHA.

And based on what I've learned so far.....Liz absolutely deserves a chance to relish in her fun roadtrips and memories.

Congratulations on another successful and inspiring year of fundraising, Liz!