Monday, December 21, 2009

GoodSearch is... GOOD!

Are you doing any research online? Perhaps you open up a google page one or more times a day?

Well, you can get your research done AND send some cash love to Scrapbook Royalty - all at once!

How cool is that?

Just change your typing a little bit... when you start the g-o-o, keep going with a -d-s-e-a-r-c-h and you might not even have to do that much typing!

I watch my keystrokes and with a modern browser, you could type in 'good' (once you've been there) and get a drop down giving you options, so pick from the list and save some typing!


Be sure to select Scrapbook Royalty (San Diego, CA) as your charity of choice and we'll get a little bit of green to help us keep working as an organization to help bring crafters and charities together!

I've been testing out the search engine and it works pretty darn well. I do a LOT of research online on any given day for all sorts of things. Are you like that too?

I was actually a little bit nervous about going to a different search engine. And when I saw powered by "Yahoo!" I thought I would never get the kinds of results I wanted..

I was totally wrong.

Once upon a time, search engines did different things and the "Yahoo!" type was a directory type of search engine... That wasn't going to work for most of my online research at all!

I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that my search results were JUST AS GOOD! as my google search results. They were practically identical in fact!

I must tell you though that only certain searches on will qualify as searches which pay out to Scrapbook Royalty.

The ones you do under the tab labeled "Web" will power the contributions to Scrapbook Royalty. The others seem to bring back with the results a small-print message letting you know that 'these searches' don't qualify!

And another caution, they clearly state: "Please use this site honestly. Fraudulent searches will result in your charity being delisted." which makes me a little nervous because I don't know exactly what that really means!

Because of that, I don't leave the tab open all the time like I usually do and I don't search for certain topics I'm not entirely clear are considered PG I guess you might say...

If I am doing a LOT of research at any given time, I'll transfer to a google search page after a little while. This is all very 'normal' for me. I'm just NOT SURE what they consider 'normal' usage so I'm quite conservative in my use sometimes of this particular search engine.

I do like it when they serve up links to items you can purchase with a little message stating that making a purchase that way will be additional benefit to our organization.

Overall, it's a very good way to get your work done and give to Scrapbook Royalty and I'm ever so happy to help any way I can - when it's this painless, why the heck not?

Got Research? GoTo:!

Pam Hoffman

p.s. still shopping for the holidays? pick and we'll get a piece of that action too!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Join us on Facebook

It's easy!
First, go to our Facebook fan page.
Here's what to do next: 1. Click the "Become a Fan" button above to join the community (Can't see a button? You're already a member!) 2. Head over to the Royal Wall to join in!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Do you know Suzi?

pictured left to right. Sally Fasano a wonderful SBR volunteer, Suzi Blu artist extraordinaire, and Elena Lai Etcheverry SBR Founder.

Suzi Blu is an amazing world renowned artist and amazing teacher and last week she spent some time with our Founder, Elena talking about how she can get involved with Scrapbook Royalty. Some of you will recognize her work for sure and if you dont recognize it right off the bat, you can see what Sally created for us after taking Suzi's class on the Royalty Over the Rainbow Retreat page. Sally did our logo from what she learned in Suzi's class.

Suzi and Sally will be attending the event. Will you?

There is a video that Suzi posted from her day with Elena and Sally on the left.

Monday, November 23, 2009

An Exclusive Event with an Impressive Outcome!

Scrapbook Royalty hosted its 1st annual 3 Day Crop for Susan G. Komen last weekend.

The event was the brain child of SBR's Director of Operations, Sheila Goldsberry and was modeled after the 3 Day Walk that Susan G. Komen puts on all over the country every year. When Sheila came to me with this idea, she said, "Instead of getting blisters on your feet from walking, you can get blisters on your fingers from cropping!". Well, I don't think there were any blisters this weekend, but there was definitely tons and tons of fun and happiness. Each of the 8 ladies had a goal to raise $2000. They all worked very hard and some surpassed the goal! It was just amazing! We also had 5- 1 day croppers that had a goal of raising $500 each.

So at the end of the day this inaugural event raised $12000 for Susan G Komen!

So amazing! Sheila and I were flying high as the money kept adding up!

Sheila spearheaded this event and she was amazing! she handmade tons of awesome goodies for the girls as well as tons of awesome decor! The food was wonderful. Everyone said they wanted to do it again next year! We will be announcing the date for next year's event soon so keep an eye on our newsletters if you want to join us We are only taking 12 people next year. Super exclusive and super fun!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Scrapbook Royalty's Very Own Chocolatier

Visit to view the catalog of wonderfully yummy Dove Chocolates! After you've chosen your goodies, send your order via email to Laura and it will be shipped to you directly. After your payment is received, Laura will donate 15% of your purchase to Scrapbook Royalty. Please be sure to mention Scrapbook Royalty when you order.

You can also call Laura at (760) 791-6304 or email to place your order,get more information about Dove Chocolates, or find out how to become a Dove Chocolatier.

Think Christmas!

Friday, November 13, 2009

This Weekend...

Pages From the Heart in Monrovia, CA is 10 Years Old!

Elena will be making an appearance with Fairy Fly Bys and Canon Printers. Come print photos for free and get your gift!
10 am till 4 pm.

Call the store at
626 358 5334 to reserve your spot and for directions.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Black White and Gifts All Over

YOU ARE VITAL! To The Success of This Mission...

AND A GYPSY could be your reward!
Host a Garage sale at your Home

Shop and raise money for Noble Causes!

For details, please visit our website:
Black White & Gifts All Over 2009

All Buyers & Sellers will be entered in our drawing for a chance to win the Gypsy and other prizes...

...Like a one year subscription to:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veterans' Day!

Today, please take the time to thank a veteran for their service to our country, protecting our freedom, and for the service they have given to others around the world.

To commemorate this special day, I'm sharing a little card tutorial. Not only is this card easy to make, it's "green" since the base is a paper bag.

Gather the following supplies:
- 1 sheet of double sided patterned paper
- 1 paper lunch sack
- 1 sheet coordinating cardstock
- 2 diecut shapes (I used the Top Note die from Stampin Up)
- scalloped circle punch and circle punch (nesting)
- 1" wide ribbon
- Stamp set with image and greeting
- ink for distressing
- Pinking shears (optional)

Fold the bottom end of the bag over to form the card base. You want this to only be 4.25" wide so that the card will fit in a standard envelope. Trim off the excess that hangs out the other side.

Trim 3 pieces of patterned paper to 5"x4". Cover the flap of the bag with one piece of paper, folding the end around the bag.

Using a stapler, staple the sides of the bag shut.

Cover the front of the card and the inside with the other 4x5 pieces of paper. Add the diecut to the front cover and to the inside. You can add a little scrap of patterned paper to line the inside of the pocket if you wish.

Stamp an image on a punched circle and the sentiment on another punched circle. Mount to a scalloped circle punched from coordinating cardstock. Add the sentiment to the middle of the inside of the card.

Tuck the ends of two pieces of 12" long ribbon under the diecut on the card cover. Tie the other ends to form a bow. Add the scalloped circle with the stamped image on it.

Apply adhesive to each end of a 2" long strip of ribbon. I pinked the edges to make it "cute" but that is totally optional.

Insert one end of the ribbon into the pocket and press.

Fold the other end of the ribbon over and press to form a tab.

Insert your favorite gift card into the pocket.


--- posted by Jennifer Priest

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Spark! - A Success!

Thank you Spark Sisters!

Elena and Sally traveled to Spark the Event and raised $2800 for Susan G. Komen.

The creativity and camaraderie were beyond your wildest dreams!

Photos have been uploaded to the Winkflash account.

If you have photos from any SBR event, we would love you to upload them to our account for everyone to see!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Cards for Troops

We continue our support of our military with our Cards for Troops campaign.

Our country is mourning the tragedy of the Fort Hood mass shooting. We would like to extend the opportunity to let our military know that you are grateful for the sacrifices that service men and women and their families give.

We will be collecting blank cards for general and all occassions.

Please see our earlier blog post for card requirements:

Scrapbook Royalty, Cards For Troops, PO Box 910665, San Diego, CA 92121

Thursday, November 5, 2009

SELLERS Wanted!!

Black White & Gifts All Over So Cal
San Diego County, Los Angeles County, Orange County, Inland Empire on December 5th, 2009

  • Would you like a little Christmas/Holiday cash?
  • Want to make room for all the great stuff you are going to get over the holidays?
  • Want to reach a fundraising goal?
Push your stuff out your front door or haul it to a friends house and sell it!

We are organizing So Cal Garage Sales for Charity!

There are now THREE ways to participate...

1) Host a garage sale at your house.

A $10 donation places an ad about your sale on our website highlighting the items you will be selling; new, used, handmade, anything goes! It's a garage sale! The ad will also list what percentage of your sales you will be donating to Scrapbook Royalty (minimum 10%).

By registering to host a garage sale you are agreeing to:
  • Donate a minimum of 10% of your total sales from the Black White & Gifts All Over event to Scrapbook Royalty. If you are currently registered for an upcoming Scrapbook Royalty event, you can choose to apply the donation towards your fundraising goal! We will post the % you are donating with your address when we list it.
  • Sign-in participants that attend your sale and record their purchases.
  • Send the list of participants and their purchases along with your donation check to Scrapbook Royalty by December 14th either by fax- 858-558-9444, email- or USPS-Scrapbook Royalty, PO Box 910665, San Diego, CA 92121

We will be listing the details of this event on Craig's List, Message Boards, Blogs, Our Newsletters, Newspapers, Face Book, Twitter, Garage Sale as well as posting on our blog and website and handing out flyers every where we can.

We'll do the marketing. You do the selling!

More details:

You are welcome to have as many friends bring items to sell as you like! The only restriction is that it must be a private residence. This is not open to businesses.

This is open to San Diego County, LA County, Orange County, and Inland Empire (Riverside and San Bernardino Counties) residents.

We would love your help getting the word out. Please blog, tweet, facebook, email, post flyers, whatever you can to let people know!

  • Sell anything and everything you can but price to sell!
  • Feel free to sell edibles!
  • Feel free to offer giveaways of your own! We love Fairy Fly Bys!
  • Entice shoppers with freebies and bonuses!
  • Make up grab bags, they are awesome!
  • Offer a cute make and take for a donation!
  • The ideas are endless!

You will have 75 words in your advertisement to say as much as you can about your sale!

Sample Ad:

Handmade one of a kind gifts, new and used crafting supplies, patterned paper 10 for $1. Lots of Scrapbook, Stamping stuff. Fabric. Ribbon. Vintage Games, Kitchenware and Books. Gently used kids clothing. Class Kits, Ott Light, Original Cricut machine with 6 cartridges $100, Snowboard, bike, end table, shabby chic dresser. Gift wrapping for a small donation. 8 am till 2pm Saturday and Sunday. First 30 people each day will get a Fairy Fly By gift.

Here are some resources to help you have a successful sale:

2) Sign up for a Shopping Pass-$5 donation gets you a list of the locations. and entrance into the raffle!

Raffle Prizes!!!

We will be giving away:

  • a brand new Gypsy from Provocraft
  • a gift certificate for an all access pass for one year to Nothridge Media's fabulous Magazines (Scrapbook Trends and Cards included!)
  • a Black and White Gift Basket from Fiskars ($50 value)
  • and more to come!!!

The list of locations will be emailed to you the Wednesday before the event so you and your friends can plan your route!

Sign in at each location and log how much you spend:

  • Just for stopping by you will get an additional entry into the raffle
  • For every $5 you spend, you will get another entry into the raffle!
  • For every $5 you spend with eBay sellers benefiting Scrapbook Royalty you'll receive an extra entry into the raffle! View sellers here: Scrapbook Royalty on eBay
3) Sell on eBay!

If you're not local to Southern California or you can't have a garage sale at your residence, consider selling on eBay! Through eBay's Giving Works program you can opt to donate a percentage of your sales to Scrapbook Royalty! Check out our page on eBay:
Scrapbook Royalty on eBay

By registering your eBay store you are agreeing to:
  • Donate a minimum of 10% of your total sales from the Black White & Gifts All Over event to Scrapbook Royalty. If you are currently registered for an upcoming Scrapbook Royalty event, you can choose to apply the donation towards your fundraising goal! We will post the % you are donating with a link to your ebay shop when we list it.
  • Your shop must have active items listed for sale that will end by December 8, 2009. Make sure your items will end by December 8 to allow time for the buyer to pay and for you to send payment to Scrapbook Royalty.
  • Items must say "Black White & Gifts All Over" in the description. Please make this easy for buyers to find ;)
  • Send the list of buyers and their purchases to Scrapbook Royalty by December 14th either by fax- 858-558-9444, email- or USPS-Scrapbook Royalty, PO Box 910665, San Diego, CA 92121
  • Pay your donation via Mission Fish through ebay to Scrapbook Royalty. Here's how it works:

How Community Selling Works

Grab some friends and get some Christmas shopping done all for a great cause!

How do I sign up ?
Visit our website

Happy Garage Saling!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

World's Largest Crop Attempt 2010!!!

Announcing CHA’s World Record Attempt

The World’s Largest Crop

Saturday, January 23rd
10:00am – 5:00pm all day cropping!
6:00pm – 11:00pm Charity Raffle

Tickets: $28
Online Ticket Sales begin: November 16th

Don’t miss being part of this exciting event!

CHA is proud to partner with Scrapbook Royalty to host a second attempt of the World's Largest Crop event on January 23rd at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA as part of CHA’s Craft SuperShow.

This exciting event will feature:

  • Celebrity Appearances by your favorite Scrapbook stars
  • Product give-aways, goodie bags, and door prizes
  • Charity Raffle featuring your favorite scrapbook products

Come be a part of the fun, bring your friends, and crop the day away!

Scrapbook Royalty

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Crafters Doing Good: Scrapbook 4 Cecilia

We're always on the lookout for "Crafters Doing Good".

's the portion of our website where we share the efforts of "crafters doing good" around the world. These events and fundraisers are NOT Scrapbook Royalty events or affiliate events (goodness, how could we be involved in everything?) but they are noble causes we think you should hear about.

While checking my blog list yesterday evening I saw this update on the Scrapbook Calls & Contests blog:

(pasted from Scrapbook Calls & Contests) It is a fundraising raffle being run by Patty from Use your Type to raise funds for Celia - the daughter of a scrapbooker in our community who has lost her Father to a drunk driver.

Here's a little of the story... "On August, 23rd we lost a very dear friend of ours named Thomas to a drunk driver. Him and his brother were both struck and killed while crossing an intersection. Thomas left behind a wife named Erin and 2 and half year old little girl named Cecilia. You can visit the memorial site to learn more about their story. " Erin now lives day to day, struggling with bills, but most of all, hoping to secure a bright future for Cecilia. A trust fund has been set up with Capital One Bank to help fund her future. As scrapbookers, we want to help build a future for our children, and that includes Celia."

The Scrapbooking prize is well over $300 worth of awesome scrapbook products with more arriving each day. Please spread the word, and buy a raffle ticket: All proceeds will go directly into Cecilia's fund. To purchase raffle tickets, go to or email

Monday, November 2, 2009

Do You Mission Fish?

With the holidays approaching we're all looking for deals on the best gifts this year. What better place to look than eBay?

Did you know that when you make purchases on eBay you can help fundraise for Scrapbook Royalty?

Did you know that if you sell on eBay you can elect to give 10% to 100% of the purchase price of your item to Scrapbook Royalty?

It's All True!

It's called "eBay Giving Works" and it is a program powered by Mission Fish. Here's how it works:

How Community Selling Works

Basically you can go to Scrapbook Royalty's eBay Giving Works page. Select them as your charity and start selling.

Or you can browse the items that are already for sale that benefit Scrapbook Royalty. Only the items listed on Scrapbook Royalty's eBay Giving Works page will benefit Scrapbook Royalty.

I have sold 3 items in the last two months and raised $19 for Scrapbook Royalty --that's only 10% of the value my items sold for. I just pulled things from my closets and scrapbook room I was no longer using...some old acrylic stamps, Tupperware that didn't fit in my cabinets, and some Polly Pocket toys I raked up off my daughter's bedroom floor. Stuff I am not missing, the money I got was super nice ($130+ for those stamps!), and I helped out SBR at the same time.

Right now there are no items for sale benefitting Scrapbook Royalty.

Will you please help by adding your item today?

You'll feel great about helping out a charity, it's no money out of your pocket really, your closets will be cleaner, and you might even make a little for your own holiday shopping! And if you add an item, people can shop!

Happy eBaying!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

CARDS FOR TROOPS - Deadline Extended Until Nov 15th!!

Every year we launch a campaign to collect handmade greeting cards for our military serving overseas. You send us blank handmade cards, we send them to the troops. They then fill out the cards with a message for their loved ones and send them home in time for the holidays. Cards and paper are hard to come by in combat zones and these cards mean alot to these soldiers, airmen, marines, sailors, officers, and their families during the holidays.

Cards collected in 2007: 1500+ Cards

Cards collected in 2008: 2000+ Cards

Here's all the details for submitting your cards to our
Cards For Troops Campaign
this year:

  1. Cards must come with envelopes. Tip: buy the envelopes first and make the cards to fit inside.
  2. Cards should be shipped with the back of the card inside the envelope and the front of the card outside the envelope (half in, half out). This makes it easier for them to look at the cards, to choose which they like and helps keep the envelopes together with the macthing card. If you get creative and there is not a way to put the cards 1/2 in and 1/2 out, then please ship them in clear bags, or envelopes so they don't get separated. Tip: sells clear envelopes that are inexpensive and a great way to send us your cards.If you buy from them and enter our group code CP1010, they will donate 5% of your purchases to Scrapbook Royalty.
  3. Cards should be rectangle and up to 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 will ship for regular postage. Tip: square envelopes cost extra to send.
  4. If you decorate the front with 3d embellishments or chunky glitter, it helps to include a blank piece of paper to place on the front of the cards to protect it when shipping.
Deadline for Scrapbook Royalty to RECEIVE your Christmas cards:

Sunday, NOVEMBER 15, 2009

Please send the cards in a box or large envelope to:

Scrapbook Royalty
Cards for Troops
PO Box 910665
San Diego, CA 92121

Do you make cards with other themes? Send them on over! We'll be collecting cards on any theme all year long--think Birthday, Love, Father, Mother, Family, Easter, 4th of July, Grandparents' Day... and sending them to the troops as each holiday approaches. Send your cards anytime, following the guidelines above.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Volunteers in Action!

On Columbus Day Weekend Elena and Sheila attended Scrapbook Expo in Ontario, CA. They passed out Fairy Fly Bys, shared the good news about Scrapbook Royalty's charitable works, and helped host the crops both days of the event.

Have you ever thought about volunteering for charity?

Scrapbook Royalty is always searching for a few good volunteers. You don't have to be local to Southern California to participate and you don't even need to be a crafter! You just have to have a desire to help others and the ability to make a small (or big if you want to) commitment. Sometimes we need talented crafters to create something for us, like thank you cards for sponsors -- you'll get a one-time call to action. Other times we need more administrative or professional tasks done, like accounting services, that may be long-term commitments. You tell us what you can offer, what your skills are and then our volunteer coordinator will contact you with volunteer opportunities as they come up. Send us an email at to obtain a volunteer questionnaire and please, let us know if you have any questions!! We appreciate any and all help from our volunteers!!

To thank our local volunteers, Elena arranged a class for our volunteers. I drove down to San Diego and taught a little wall hanging with Scrapbook Royalty colors to the volunteers who were able to come out the crafting night -- we had a blast!!

Margie Romney-Aslett may be headed out here to teach another Volunteer Appreciation Class soon!! So besides the reward of feeling great after you've done charity work, there are other fun benefits for being a Scrapbook Royalty volunteer!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Raffles Ending In the Next Couple Days - Don't Miss Out!!

Please check out these two wonderful SBR RAFFLES!

Hurry! Both raffles will be drawn on November 2, 2009

The first raffle benefits Operation Showers of Appreciation!! Purchase your tickets to have a chance to win this gorgeous handmade Dick & Jane Quilt. Wouldn't this quilt be just a darling Christmas gift??

The second raffle is for Steven's Hope and there are now TWO baskets full of craft goodies up for raffle--that means two winners!!

Raffle Basket
This amazing basket has over $200 of scrapbook supplies.

Scrap 1
Handmade Scrapbook
scrapbook supplies
Scrap 1
Handmade Scrapbook
scrapbook supplies
Scrap 1
Handmade Scrapbook

Items Include: Bo Bunny Flexible Ruler, Fiskars Border Punches, Apron Lace, Upper Crest, Heidi Grace Stamps, Fiskars Stamps, Handmade black and white mini album, Handmade Paper Flowers, 7 Gypsies paper pad, Glitz assortment with instructions for 3 One page layouts, Kaiser Kraft rhinestone, Prima flowers, 2 Rain Dot letters, 2 Rain Dot numbers, Fiskars Craft knife, 2 Heidi Grace flower packs, 8 Different embellishment packs by Cloud 9, Heidi Grace Ribbon pack, Book in a box blank board book Cloud 9, Cloud 9 4 x 4 mini album, Heidi Grace printed chipboard shapes, Making Memories boy puffy brads, DCWV Family chipboard sticker stack, and Ready to Design Blank board blocks.

the second basket has lots of scrapping goodies as well and has a value of over $100!!!

Hurry! We will be drawing for both of these raffles Nov 2nd, 2009

To purchase tickets, please click here:

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Day After Halloween Party

...come out and create a 3x3 mini album
Tired of the tricks from Halloween?

Or have loads of cute pictures?

Join us at Jazi Crafts SUNDAY, the day AFTER...

The Day After Halloween Party!

Elena, from Scrapbook Royalty, will show off Canon's fabulous photo printers. Check out great gifts for the holidays: either the printer OR the wonderful make and take you can create using the photos printed at the event.

For a donation of $3 make a wonderful 3x3 picture book with YOUR pictures.

During the party you can sign up for Scaring Away Autism, our Twilight themed event, on April 17th, 2010
and receive the 3x3 picture book make & take FREE...

See you there!