Monday, June 30, 2008

Four Chances to WIN BIG (and support charity at the same time)

There are some great raffles going on right now and the first one is free!

Two of these raffles were supposed to end today, but since we're a bit late getting this email out, Elena will draw tomorrow afternoon so you have one extra day to get your answers in and buy tickets!

First: (free)
Go to and click on the link to watch our television debut! Then email the answer to the following trivia question: " What is Elena's favorite quote from The Donald?" to and we will enter you to win an assortment of goodies from Bazzill! win this great stuff from Bazzill
We are raffling off a Pink and Black Big Shot $90 value and a Kit from All Moments Remembered $42 value. Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20 (buy 4 get one free!!)
100% of the money we raise through this raffle will be donated to the Tyree family in the form of a gift card to Albertson's. Click here to buy tickets
If you participated in the Black White and Scrap all over Event, today was the last day to visit stores. Hopefully you were able to make it. We got tons of emails from participants who has a great time! Tomorrow the stores will draw for their raffle and we will post the winners on the website and blog. Then you have till the end of July to complete your mini book by adding your own flair, photos, and one more color if you like. Please email us up to 10 photos of your book. Please do not send us full sized files. 640x480 is ideal. If you are scanning, check your settings, if you are taking photos, set your size to 0.3 mega pixels. The photos are being posted on the blog and the first week of August, the stores will each be choosing a winner to receive a $50 gift card. You can win more than once!

Fourth: (free)
Go to our blog and read some great summer tips from a website with Practical Pediatric informaition for Moms by Moms (and Doctors). Leave us a comment and we will choose someone to win a cool beach bag with sunscreen, bug spray and more! (contest ends July 31st)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer Safety Giveaway

We are teaming up with to bring you these important summer safety tips. is a website with Practical Pediatric informaition for Moms by Moms (and Doctors). If you leave us a comment here, we will choose someone to win a cool beach bag with sunscreen, bug spray and more! (contest ends July 31st)
  • Have a Sun Protection Strategy: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends sunscreen with a minimum Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15. Look for products that provide "broad spectrum" coverage to protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Use this sunscreen routine with your child--daily application 30 minutes before going outside and reapplication every 2 hours (or sooner if swimming, toweling off, or sweating). Creating a routine will establish good habits for the future. In addition, don't forget a wide brim hat, sunglasses with 99-100% UVA/UVB protection, and sun protective clothing.
  • Keep Pests off Your Little One: In the summer, many insects can bite or sting your child. For pesky mosquitoes and ticks, consider a DEET containing insect repellant. Apply sparingly to exposed skin (avoid backs of hands and around the eyes and mouth) and/or to clothing once a day. As the percentage of DEET goes up, the duration of action increases. To prevent unnecessary exposure, always use the lowest percentage that will last for the planned length of time spent outdoors. Never go above 30% or use on children under 2 months old.
  • Keep the Pool Cool and Clean: Small yard pools provide a great way for kids to have fun and cool down when the temperature rises, but they can also harbor germs, such as bacteria. To keep the pool free from unwanted "swimmers," after each use disinfect it with bleach by cleaning with a solution of ¾ cup regular bleach to one gallon of water, then rinse well and dry thoroughly. Safety must: Always supervise children regardless of age when they are around any water; whether it's a bucket, a small backyard plastic pool, or the local community pool.
  • High Heat Means Hydrate: Excessive heat exposure may cause your child to experience a heat-related illness such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion, or even heat stroke. How to prevent this: take breaks in the shade, avoid playing outside during peak sun exposure hours, and drink, drink, drink! Make sure your child is taking in plenty of fluids before he become thirsty.
  • Rid Rashes and Relieve Itchies: Running through the yard in bare feet, taking a nature walk on a trail, and picnicing in the park are some of the joys of warmer weather. But all of this outdoor activity can expose your child to a host of plants including those which cause poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac. If an allergic reaction occurs, ask the pediatrician about an oral antihistamine and/or a topical skin care product such as a steroid cream or calamine. If the rash is extensive, looks infected, or is not getting better, call your doctor right away.
All safety tips can also be found on

Crop this Saturday + Crop to benefit Invisible Children

On July 12th, we will be hosting the Invisible Children Crop, taking place in Redondo Beach, CA, to benefit the Invisible Children organization.

n the spring of 2003, three young filmmakers traveled to Africa in search of a story. What started out as a filmmaking adventure transformed into much more when these boys from Southern California discovered a tragedy that disgusted and inspired them, a tragedy where children are both the weapons and the victims. Please don't miss this opportunity to be a part of bettering the quality of life for the children of Uganda. For your registration fee you will also get a copy of the Rough Cut DVD ($20.00 value).

For more information about this event and to participate, please click on this link.
Help a military family and do a Leah Fung Make and Take!

On June 28th we will be hosting the Pierce Family Crop, sponsored by and taking place at Ever After Scrapbooks in Carlsbad.


Gunne Sargent Troy Pierce USMC Ret. served his country and the US Marine Corps for 22 years with his lovely wife Jana always by his side. Upon his retirement from the Corps, Troy began experiencing severe symptoms of a digestive disorder. Eight agonizing months later, Troy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He immediately underwent surgery to remove a malignant tumor and than began a long regime of chemotherapy and radiation. After two years of fighting pancreatic cancer, Troy passed away on April 7, 2008.

We would like to help the Pierce family, especially Jana, with the costly medical expenses that she is now burdened with. Any contribution you can offer to help the family is graciously appreciated.

Don't miss these special appearances...

The fabulous Emily Falconbridge will be at the event with a very special painting demo from 10 to 11 She will be making a canvas that she will be donating for us to auction off!

Leah Fung will be doing a make n' take from 2 to 3 for a small donation with Making Memories product. She is limited in the number of kits she has to stop by early and sign up! While you are there, check out the silent auctions that are open to the public.
We will also be raffling off a Canvas by Ali Edwards (click here to see photos of the canvas on our blog...scroll down)
AND the one and only Candice McLean will be offering the following Freedom Banner class! All this while you help a Military family in need.

Register now!
To register and to sign up for this event, please click on this link.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Scrapbook Royalty Committee Hits the Road!

Several weeks ago, almost all of the Scrapbook Royalty committee members, along with a few committee-members-to-be, went on a road trip to all the stores participanting in the Black White & Scrap event!

We had a wonderful time. Elena, Rachel, Lori, Birgitte, Debbie, Gloria, Julie, Liz, little ones Isabella, Emily and Lexi and myself all piled into two SUVs to make the trip! There were no wrong turns this time, but lots of chit chatter along the way, and of course, a couple of Starbucks stops! All of us dressed in, you guessed it, black & white! Except for me, I cheated a little, but I promise that my pants were almost black!

We followed almost the same route as last time. We started at It's About Time, then went to A Page In Time where we covered ourselves in glitter from the make n' take and also browsed through all the wonderful Petaloo selection, then headed to Auntie Amy's and admired all the wonderful things to make "altered art". We then went to The Loft, Scrapbooks & More, and finished off our trip at Now & Then. We were all very tired at the end of the day, but managed to keep the giggles going!

It's not too late to participate!! There are ten whole days left in June, which means ten days to make it to the stores. All stores are offering crop passes and also will give raffle tickets just for showing up! You have to be a registered participant, however... you can still sign up by clicking here!

If you've already gotten your make n' takes from all the stores, we'd love to see pictures of your book! In fact, each store will choose one book as their favorite! In order to participate, add ONE color to your book, decorate it as you wish, and send us pictures to We will announce the winner shortly after the end of Black White & Scrap.

We also would love to hear tales and see pictures from your Black White & Scrap adventures! Send them to us at

If you didn't receive your crop pass at a certain store, you can simply call that store to sign up for a crop and mention that you were part of Black White & Scrap.

Unfortunately Scrapbooks & More is now closed! If you did not get the chance to pick up your make n' take from Scrapbooks & More, The Loft will be holding them for you. If you have already gone to The Loft and will be unable to return to pick it up, please send us an email to let us know and we will have it sent to you.

For more general info about the event, please visit our webpage.

Thank you for participating!!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

June 16th, 2008 Scrapbook Royalty partnered with Cancer Coping Center to celebrate Cancer Survivor's Month!

It's not always about fundraising, sometimes it is just about giving of your self to make someone else's day a bit brighter!

A few of the SBR committee members met in the lobby of Scripps Encinitas Hospital to do a free handmade card make and take for anyone that wanted to do it. Here is Gloria showing a few people how to make a handmade card:

It was so much fun!! We were lucky to have donations from Kaiser Crafts, Quick Quotes, and Rusty Pickle on hand to offer the participants and let their creativity loose!

Make-n-take card-maker Tom will surely brighten someone's day with his gift of this handmade card he created at our make-n-take table:

Thank you to everyone who participated -- surely these handmade cards will bring a smile to someone's face soon!

Monday, June 16, 2008

We're Raffling Off an Ali Edwards Original Canvas!

YOU can win this awesome signed canvas created by the one and only
Ali Edwards!!

To enter to win, you can purchase tickets for $5 each or 5 tickets for $20, all of which is donated to charity!! Click HERE to purchase tickets!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

From the Heart Crop at the Red Bee - A Success!

May 31st was the From The Heart Crop at the Red Bee in Tustin, and was a great success!

Benefiting the Tyree family, struck by tragedy last September when George Tyree died of acute Leukemia, this event raised $4000!!

Thank you to all who participated and helped to make this event so great, and a great big round of applause for Donna Salazar, without whom this could not have taken place.

In order to continue raising money for the Tyree family, we are having an online opportunity drawing! You could win a pink and black Bigshot, worth $90, and a kit from
Kit from All Moments Remembered worth $42.

Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20 (buy 4 get one free!!)

100% of the money we raise through this raffle will be donated to the Tyree family in the form of a gift card to Albertson's.

Buy your tickets here...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Black, White & Scrap All Over Update

Black White & Scrap All Over is well underway! Check out the fun time Jodie had going to the stores in a recent letter we received:


I just wanted you to know what a great time me and two friends had on Saturday. We visited all six stores and we had a great time. My favorite store of all was the bonus store, Auntie Amy's. They were wonderful!!! I'm sorry you didn't make it there on your road trip. It was well worth the drive. It was the first store we visited and everyone was SOOOOO friendly and helpful. They even had a second make and take that day that we participated in. Amy herself, helped me with my layout. She was awesome. Jennifer, one of the teachers there kept telling me that if I had any questions or wanted to know how something was done, she would be glad to help me. They were extremely knowledgeable about their products and projects. I wanted to stay there all day...

I hope that you continue to include this store in your fundraisers. I hope everyone who signs up gets to visit the store.

---Jodie Ruiz

Here's some more info about the minibook contest submissions: Complete your mini book by adding your own flair, photos, and one more color if you like (can be various shades of the same color). Then please send us up to 10 photos of your book via email. Please do not send us full sized files. 640x480 is ideal. If you are scanning, check your settings, if you are taking photos, set your size to 0.3 mega pixles. The photos will be posted on the blog and the second week of July, the stores will each be choosing a winner!

Also Scrapbooks and More will stay open till June 14th! She will be closed June 11th.

See you out at the stores!