Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Last night there was a knock at my front door--no one comes over here without calling unless they are Trick-or-treaters. So it was pretty odd. I open the door and this guy is standing there with this big bouquet of flowers--for me? Yes, for me! Right away my husband says, in a slightly jealous tone, "Who are those from?". Hehe

Wonderful Maryam from the Cancer Coping Center sent them to me with a note of heartfelt thanks for my help at their Nov 11th Scrapbook Royalty fundraising event. How nice! Plus Maryam got the inside info that it was my birthday today--we share the same birthday! Happy Birthday to you too Maryam!

How nice, I got flowers as a thanks, practically on my bday, and now I have a nice bouquet for the table at Thanksgiving--love it! So thank you so much Maryam! It is so often that charitable work goes unpaid and unrecognized. I feel so very appreciative that you have recognized me for the little that I do to contribute to Cancer Coping Center through Scrapbook Royalty. Thanks so much--it feels great to help such a great organization and to be a part of Scrapbook Royalty.

P.S. Thanks everyone who sent well wishes to me today, especially Mel and E for singing Happy Birthday! LOL You're making me feel old!

47 Albums Made for Families, $3500 raised!

This past weekend we had two wonderful events at It's About Time in Murrieta, CA and Pink Pineapple in Vista, CA. We made 47 beautiful albums for families coping with cancer, and also raised $3500 for the Cancer Coping Center!! It was touching to see all the albums turn out so differently and have everyone put their own personality into them. We made some wonderful new friends and heard many emotional stories of personal cancer survivors. One such brave survivor was Randi who participated in the event at It's About Time. She and her sister Cristy raised almost $900 alone. Click here to read her touching email to us. Click here to read It's About Time's blog post about the event!

We have to thank these two wonderful stores for helping us put on these amazing events. We also have to thank Jennifer Priest for designing the beautiful album, and also Nan from Zutter Zisters for all her donations and being a trooper on both days. Thank you also to all our wonderful committee members who came out to help us. Thank you for making this another Scrapbook Royalty success!
Last but absolutely not least, a great big thank you goes out to Miki Nenn from Creating Keepsakes Japan for donating almost 95% of the supplies needed to make all those beautiful albums.
Thank you one and all!
If you have any pictures from the events, please share them with us! GO to www.winkflash.com, click on Member Sign In, Username: scrapbookroyalty, password: sharing. There is a folder for both Saturday and Sunday's events.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Support Charity Online!!

You can now support Scrapbook Royalty online! Check out our online auctions at http://sbrauctions.blogspot.com and bid on auction items from your home!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's About Time's Blog!

It's About Time updated their blog with pictures and more from the event this Saturday! Check it out at: http://itsabouttimescrapbooks.typepad.com/its_about_time_scrapbooks/2007/11/our-cancer-copi.html

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Come as Friends, Leave as Family -- Letter from a SURVIVOR!

Randi Kelly sent this letter to It's About Time regarding the SBR event this weekend!!

Wow, I don't know what to say other than what an amazing event today and thank you. This day was filled with so much emotion and for those of you that were there I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hugs & support. There were many of you ladies that I've never met that came up to me and just gave me a hug and I cannot tell you how much that means to me.

The Cancer Coping Center is such an amazing organization and as you can see cancer not only affects those that are going through the treatments but our family, friends & coworkers and we all need support. It was so great to experience this day with my sister and have her there to support me and to have all of you my extended family be there to also support me. Whether you gave me a hug, a smile across the room or said nothing at all, the strong energy of love that was felt in the room was unbelievable and I cannot express my gratitude towards all of you. I will not forget any of you there today and you will have a special place in my heart forever.

When I couldn't speak what I really wanted to say was over 6 years ago married for only 11 months, I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Although Hodgkins is a very treatable cancer to only be married for one year it was very devastating. I knew in my heart I'd beat it, I'm stubborn there was no other alternative for me. Six months of grueling chemo every other week really took its toll but in the end I beat it and I'm here 6 years later to tell you I AM A SURVIVOR! I really wanted to do this event the moment I heard about it because I knew it was close to my heart and had wished I had had something like this for my family while I was fighting cancer. My sister and I raised $875 just by sending a little email to our family & friends. I know everyone is busy in their daily lives but together we can raise more money and if we each send an email to our family & friends next time we could be raising $2000.00 as a group or even more. My sister had a great idea that next time we can go talk to local business and see if they will match our funds. So let's be in this fight together and help other families similar to mine face the challenges that cancer brings. Together we will be stronger!

Mel, Amy, Lisa, Melanie, Elena, Maryam & all the staff, thank you for this touching day. I had no idea I would be overcome with such emotion and I appreciate everything you all do everyday for the greater cause. You all are such amazing women and I'm so glad to call you my friends. I love you all!

Let's all remember this It's About Time saying,

Come as Friends, Leave as Family!

Thank you! Thank you all!

Success, Sharing, and Scrapping!

This past Saturday and Sunday Scrapbook Royalty hosted TWO back to back events to benefit the Cancer Coping Center. Croppers gathered at It's About Time on Saturday and Pink Pineapple Scrapbooks on Sunday to create one of a kind albums for those coping with cancer and their families.

Each of the stores donated 10% of their sales. But before they sent in their contributions, the crop-goers brought in an amazing $3490.26 in donations, silent auction bids, and raffle ticket purchases!

Here are some fun facts:
Saturday 23 croppers signed up for the event!
Sunday 15 croppers were signed up!
These croppers completed roughly 47 albums for those affected by cancer!!
Saturday Silent Auctions $965
Sunday Silent Auctions $998
Raffle Saturday $284
Raffle Sunday $150
Treasures for Charity Sales (Bind-It-All and Tote Hooks) $152.70
Thank you so much to all of you that helped make this event a great success!!
Most of all thank you:
  • Melanie (registrations, my partner and much more), Julie M (silent auctions and food), Liz (silent auctions) and Jennifer Priest (book design/teaching) Jesse Traller (general serf duties week of and Sunday). These girls worked the hardest of all to make this event happen!
  • Bonnie for taking care of accounting on Sunday
  • The rest of the Scrapbook Royalty Committee that works hard on all the events.
  • Steenie for working on our website, painting all those ceramic crowns, doing goody bags and silent auction sheets the week of the event till 11 pm!!
  • Nan for coming both days to support us and teach us the ins and outs of the bind it all
  • Jade, thank you for coming from LA to take photos on Sunday and for your support I can't wait to see them
  • It's About Time for filling up your event, getting your participants pumped up and donating that awesome stuffed rolling tote raffle prize! who won??
  • Pink Pineapple Scrapbooks for sponsoring and supporting our causes!!!
  • Maryam and David from Cancer Coping Center for letting us be a part of your very worthy cause.
  • Thank you to Elena's hubby for driving her to Pink we had too much stuff to fit in her Miata :)
  • Thank you to Elena for being the creative force behind this great organization, donating her time, energy, and heart to helping others and creating events where everyone has a royal good time!
We will be posting updates with CONCRETE numbers in the next few days!!

Thanks so much again! And we hope to see YOU at an event soon.

Friday, November 9, 2007

2 Events, 2 Scrapbooks, 1 Great Cause

This Saturday and Sunday Scrapbook Royalty is putting on TWO events to benefit the Cancer Coping Center!!

October 10th everyone will be at It's About Time in Murrieta, CA.

October 11th everyone will be at Pink Pineapple in Vista, CA.

Don't miss out! There are 100's of silent auction items, handmade items, giveaways and more. The best part is you will be making a scrapbook for a family coping with cancer. And you'll get a second kit to make one for yourself. Here are a couple snapshots from the books you'll be making (paper and colors vary):

And don't forget that you'll have plenty of time to crop, eat sweets, have tea, and bid on auction items! See you there!

A Letter From Our Founder

I have received several emails about sending cards to A Recovering American Soldier c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center, 6900 Georgia Avenue,NW, Washington,D. C. 20307-5001. In an effort to make sure that any information we pass on to you is legitimate and correct, I researched this "chain mail" I typed in above information on Google and hundreds of links came up. People from all over were posting on blogs and websites. I find that although this is all about giving and charity, it is a bit irresponsible to post information that you have not researched. It is one thing to be one person and forward and email to your Friends but this address was posted on websites like RonaldRegan.org, chemotherapy.com, craigslist!!! and may more that seemed legit.

We are legit so here is what I found

This is in fact a "hoax/urban legend" and the Walter Reed Army Medical Center cannot redirect mail send to A recovering American Soldier. Per www.snopes.com, "The plan falters on one cruel yet central reality, mail to soldiers from unnamed strangers must for everyone's safety be discarded unopened."-

However, you can help!

This is a website posted by the Walter Reed Army Center that legitimately can take donations for soldiers and their families.


You can also go to:


Here is the link to the hospitals website where they have posted the "hoax" information. http://blogs.wramc.amedd.army.mil/Hospital/Lists/HospitalBlog/BlogView.aspx?List=cd39fea4%2Ddae5%2D471e%2D813c%2Daf7725d2dcfc&ID=12&Source=http%3A%2F%2Fblogs%2Ewramc%2Eamedd%2Earmy%2Emil%2FHospital%2FLists%2FHospitalBlog%2FViewitems%2Easpx

you can also read about it and other "urban legends" here http://www.snopes.com/politics/christmas/soldiercards.asp,

Thank you all for being charity minded scrappers and for all of your support with our Cards for Troops Campaign. Those 1500 cards were sent to soldiers overseas through a legitimate organization (www.bluestarmothers.com to actual people overseas so you don't have to worry that they will be discarded unopened :) How horrible!


Friday, November 2, 2007

Another Royal Update!

Hello Royal friends!

Cancer Coping Center Events

In just 8 days, Scrapbook Royalty's Cancer Coping Center weekend is upon us. There is still room for both Saturday and Sunday, please register on our website if you'd like to participate. We'll be making albums for families coping with cancer, and every person registered will receive a kit to make an album for herself too. You'll receive free meals, get to bid on silent auctions, and have lots of fun!! Don't miss it!

Saturday at It's About Time... Scrapbooks and More in Murrieta, CA

Sunday at Pink Pineapple Scrapbooks in Vista, CA

Ontario Scrapbook Expo

Last weekend was our second time having a booth at one of the Scrapbook Expos - it was Ontario this time. We saw many friends and made lots of new ones too. Our booth was small and busy, but SO CUTE! Below is a picture of Elena and I at the booth before the crowd came in on Friday.

We got a lot of positive feedback about the event we are planning for the fire victims, and we are still working out details. We are tentatively planning for January '08, so keep your eyes and ears open. We will let you know as the details get planned!

A tremendous thank you to Quick Quotes who added on to their booth so that we could participate in Scrapbook Expo and who are always very generous, helpful and supportive of our efforts. Also, thank you SO much to Patty, Sandy and Gaye who helped us out on Friday, and to Terri, Jesse, Jen, and little Katie who helped us out on Saturday, including tearing down and piling everything into the cars! We couldn't have done it without you!

Treasures for Charity

Elena and I are very proud to announce that the Treasures for Charity site is now officially launched! Yay! Treasures for Charity is the website where all the Scrapbook Royalty merchandise can be purchased, such as the tote hooks, tote towels, and aprons. There are also lots of other goodies like Swarovski crystals and beautiful decorative items. Almost anything on the Treasures for Charity site makes a great Christmas gift (yup, it's sneaking up on us).

Take a look, and please check back often!! http://www.TreasuresforCharity.com

Check this out - Elena came across this article on the ABC News website about the millions of germs found on a woman's purse during a recent study. The tote hooks found at www.TreasuresforCharity.com are a great way to help minimize the number of germs on your purse by keeping it off the floor or other dirty surfaces!

We wish you all a wonderful weekend! Until next time...