Friday, November 27, 2009

Do you know Suzi?

pictured left to right. Sally Fasano a wonderful SBR volunteer, Suzi Blu artist extraordinaire, and Elena Lai Etcheverry SBR Founder.

Suzi Blu is an amazing world renowned artist and amazing teacher and last week she spent some time with our Founder, Elena talking about how she can get involved with Scrapbook Royalty. Some of you will recognize her work for sure and if you dont recognize it right off the bat, you can see what Sally created for us after taking Suzi's class on the Royalty Over the Rainbow Retreat page. Sally did our logo from what she learned in Suzi's class.

Suzi and Sally will be attending the event. Will you?

There is a video that Suzi posted from her day with Elena and Sally on the left.