Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Crafters Doing Good: Scrapbook 4 Cecilia

We're always on the lookout for "Crafters Doing Good".

's the portion of our website where we share the efforts of "crafters doing good" around the world. These events and fundraisers are NOT Scrapbook Royalty events or affiliate events (goodness, how could we be involved in everything?) but they are noble causes we think you should hear about.

While checking my blog list yesterday evening I saw this update on the Scrapbook Calls & Contests blog:

(pasted from Scrapbook Calls & Contests) It is a fundraising raffle being run by Patty from Use your Type to raise funds for Celia - the daughter of a scrapbooker in our community who has lost her Father to a drunk driver.

Here's a little of the story... "On August, 23rd we lost a very dear friend of ours named Thomas to a drunk driver. Him and his brother were both struck and killed while crossing an intersection. Thomas left behind a wife named Erin and 2 and half year old little girl named Cecilia. You can visit the memorial site to learn more about their story. " Erin now lives day to day, struggling with bills, but most of all, hoping to secure a bright future for Cecilia. A trust fund has been set up with Capital One Bank to help fund her future. As scrapbookers, we want to help build a future for our children, and that includes Celia."

The Scrapbooking prize is well over $300 worth of awesome scrapbook products with more arriving each day. Please spread the word, and buy a raffle ticket: All proceeds will go directly into Cecilia's fund. To purchase raffle tickets, go to http://forceciliaocchiogrosso.blogspot.com/ or email Coloredsprinklegirl@Hotmail.com


Aeify said...

Loved getting to know more about SBR last night at unKit Live!
Thank you so much Elena and SBR