Monday, November 2, 2009

Do You Mission Fish?

With the holidays approaching we're all looking for deals on the best gifts this year. What better place to look than eBay?

Did you know that when you make purchases on eBay you can help fundraise for Scrapbook Royalty?

Did you know that if you sell on eBay you can elect to give 10% to 100% of the purchase price of your item to Scrapbook Royalty?

It's All True!

It's called "eBay Giving Works" and it is a program powered by Mission Fish. Here's how it works:

How Community Selling Works

Basically you can go to Scrapbook Royalty's eBay Giving Works page. Select them as your charity and start selling.

Or you can browse the items that are already for sale that benefit Scrapbook Royalty. Only the items listed on Scrapbook Royalty's eBay Giving Works page will benefit Scrapbook Royalty.

I have sold 3 items in the last two months and raised $19 for Scrapbook Royalty --that's only 10% of the value my items sold for. I just pulled things from my closets and scrapbook room I was no longer using...some old acrylic stamps, Tupperware that didn't fit in my cabinets, and some Polly Pocket toys I raked up off my daughter's bedroom floor. Stuff I am not missing, the money I got was super nice ($130+ for those stamps!), and I helped out SBR at the same time.

Right now there are no items for sale benefitting Scrapbook Royalty.

Will you please help by adding your item today?

You'll feel great about helping out a charity, it's no money out of your pocket really, your closets will be cleaner, and you might even make a little for your own holiday shopping! And if you add an item, people can shop!

Happy eBaying!


Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

whoo hoo! mission fish is awesome!!