Saturday, October 3, 2009

Celebrate World Card Making Day by Giving Back!

Today is the 4th annual World Card Making Day -- what will you do to celebrate? It just so happens that Scrapbook Royalty has launched our third annual Cards for the Troops Campaign this year. We're collecting handmade cards for the troops through November 1.

Check out the blogs from the source -- PaperCrafts Magazine started World Card Making Day back in 2006 and their blogs are hopping with fun ideas and tips:

We're collecting Cards for the Troops again!! Please check out this BLOG POST for info about our Cards for Troops Campaign, share it on your blog, and donate some cards. We'd be eternally grateful!!

Here are some ideas for creating cards as well as ways to enjoy this special World Card Making Day (and maybe even make some cards for the troops!):

Take a bag of scraps to a crop or cardmaking event and create cards from 100% scraps. Pam Hoffman, one of our committee members, can create something from even the smallest scraps, even from pieces cropped from photos!
  • Try punching shapes from small scraps then saving the shapes in mini baggies until you're ready to use them.
  • Layer strips on the front of a card to cover it and create an interesting effect.
  • Create cards with the scraps leftover from a layout you just created -- you won't have to put anything away and you'll get a lot more mileage from your patterned paper.
  • Punch borders from long thin strips of paper in your stash. Use the on cards like I did below.
  • Photo scraps have cool textures and the glossy or matte finish is a nice alternative to flat cardstock. Punch shapes from these scraps to use on your cards.
I created the cards below earlier this year at a Christmas in July cardmaking get-together. I used 100% scraps on the cards (except the card base & some ribbons). I simply brought my red and green scrap bags with me and used the items inside to create the cards. My scraps are overflowing, once again, and what better way to "get rid of them" than to use them on Christmas cards to donate to the troops!

Gather some friends for a little coffee, cards, and fun! Here are some ideas to make the most your get-together:
  • Set aside one out of every 5 cards you create to donate to the troops.
  • Potluck it!
  • Bring your favorite stamps out to share--if everyone brings their stamps you can save money by sharing ;) Also share inks, diecuts, and punches.
  • Have a challenge! See who can create the most cards in an hour. Or create a challenge kit and see who can create the most cards from the kit you give each person. Give out a prize every time the group creates 10 cards total.
Crafting on your own? Here are some ideas to have fun and create a lot of cards:
  • Craft in front of the TV, watching your favorite show. I recently cut and scored 100 cards watching "So You Think You Can Dance!"
  • Involve the family. Maybe Dad won't be into it but in the safety of your own home, you never know! My husband crafts ;) Instead of watching TV or doing game night, create cards for the troops or for you to send out during Christmas.
  • Assembly line it. Create a sample. Once you know what you need to create your cad, create an assembly line. Stamp images one day, color them or cut them out the next day. Cut and score card bases one day, stamp the back with your signature or a cute tag line the next. Working for about 10-30 minutes each night, you can easily create over 100 cards in a week. Not to mention the therapeutic value of crafting that you're getting for free!
  • Passing out Halloween Candy later this month? Create cards between batches of Trick or Treaters.
  • Carpool or ride the train to work? Create cards during your commute. Or try creating during your lunch break at work--recruit a few co-workers to create cards in the break room.
  • Visit a Convalescent Hospital or Assisted Living Facility. Ask if you can make some cards with the patients or residents. They'll enjoy the attention and crafting time and you'll get a lot of cards done for the troops!
Visit a card sketch or challenge site to be inspired, challenge yourself, and get ideas for cards. I like:
Check out other card makers' work on their blogs. Here are some of my faves:
Cruise online galleries & forums for ideas. Some forums are even hosting World Card Making Day events online!
Check your local scrapbook or stamp store's calendar for events, crops, and classes this weekend! Many welcome last minute sign ups so it is not too late to call or even just stop in to see what they have in store.
I hope these ideas help you make the most of today! Happy Card Making!

--posted by Jennifer Priest


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