Friday, October 9, 2009

Cropping Out Autism - A Success!

September 26th, 2009:
Crop Out Autism to benefit Johnson County Autism Support Group, Franklin, IN

A Scrapbook Royalty Affiliate Event

This past weekend Crop Out Autism in Franklin, IN raised $600 to benefit the Johnson County Autism Support Group!

The mission of the Johnson County Autism Support Group is to provide support to families affected by autism and to assist in providing financial assistance for professional therapies for their autistic children.

Autism is a complex developmental disability that typically appears during the first three years of life. The result of a neurological disorder that affects the functioning of the brain, autism impacts the normal development of the brain in the areas of social interaction and communication skills. Children and adults with autism typically have difficulties in verbal and non-verbal communication, social interactions, and leisure or play activities.

Thank you to everyone who attended this event and made it a success!

--posted by Jennifer Priest