Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Live Imagine Create in Oroville, CA

Another Affiliate Event during Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

October 24th, 2009:
Live Imagine Create, Oroville, CA

A Scrapbook Royalty Affiliate Event

Kommah Seray Come join us for a day of cropping and fun. We will have fun Make-n-Takes during the day as well as a prize given for the person that comes dressed in the most pink baseball gear! We will feed you breakfast, lunch and snacks. Drinks will also be available throughout the day. For more details about Live, Imagine, Create, and Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) see our flyer, Front and Back.

We will be raising money to benefit Kommah Seray Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation. IBC in support of their mission to support women affected by Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC).

The purpose of the Kommah Seray Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation is to raise awareness of Inflammatory Breast Cancer. The foundation will meet the immediate needs of active cancer patients by providing assistance and support. Additionally, the foundation will work toward educating medical staff on how to detect Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

Symptoms of Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC)?
Inflammatory breast cancer does not necessarily have a defined lump. Typically, this type of breast cancer grows as nests or sheets within or around the breast area. Often the symptoms for IBC are mistaken for a rash and/or infection of some sort and in some cases, it has been diagnosed as an abnormal cyst. To learn more, please go to

Aren't near Oroville? Shop Torrid and save 10% when you make a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation through their website. You can also purchase "Pink" Gear, a percentage of which will benefit the Foundation.

-- posted by Jennifer Priest


Mardi said...

I am so excited to be coming from Michigan to join my great friends at this awesome it here yet?

Michelle said...

This is going to be sooo much fun! We hope lots of people join us for a wonderful day!