Saturday, September 5, 2009

Have YOU Ever Been Treated Like Royalty?

Elena, Founder of SBR

I knew that SBR events were good... I didn't realize HOW good until last week when I attended my very first one!

Oh, you read the descriptions (though they missed telling us they provided dinner too last week!) and you see the pretty pictures...

What you DON'T realize is all that you actually get OUT of a Scrapbook Royalty Event.

If you are anywhere near an event, have the time and the means to go, DO IT!

I had a chance last Saturday when I drove down to Operation Showers of Appreciation Crop, Vista CA.

What a great charity. Kimberly Felshaw started this a couple of years ago to assist military families expecting a child.

"They host baby showers and help pregnant miliary families
with supplies to get them started." ~from Elena's blog

Elena & Kimberly demo the "Dick & Jane" quilt

OH, the picture reminds me, there is Another Fun Way to help OSOA thru SBR - pick up a chance to win the quilt in the picture. Details on the site when you click on the link (above).

Anyway, there were goodies at my table when I got there (and they were very NICE goodies too!). They had munchies & drinks right from the start and just kept them coming all day long!

If you go away hungry, it's your own d#@m fault!

They kicked things off with a class by Leah Fung. I know of her from the magazine Scrapooks, Etc. and the class was fabulous. Leah is so enthusiastic and cheerful. And she explains the process so very well, making time to come around to individuals who need extra help.

All That Energy! Leah Fung

All the materials for Leah's class were donated by Making Memories and there were A LOT of them! I saw things I never even knew existed before.

It was a wonderful way to get started at a crop.

I'm wondering if that is why I felt more productive than usual at a 12 hour crop last week... of course I had a LIST to work from too! :)

After the class, I played around with decorating the very cool photo banner taught by Leah. And I got some work done on the projects I brought with me too.

One of the best things you get out of an event like this is that you meet all sorts of people you didn't know before. And when you meet new people, you always get some new ideas from being around them.
The Lovely Ladies at My Table!
There was a Silent Auction and lemme tell you! There were some fabulous items for auction on those tables.

Beauties All! Our Very Own Elena & Sheila with the young ladies

Patricia, channeling a Fairy

And the BEAUTY! Two very lovely young girls were all dressed up, they greeted us and participated in the class and provided beautiful examples of great young people giving of their time for a great cause. The Fairy Flybys were carried out by a volunteer from the group: Patricia and we got some delicious buttons from Blumenthal.

It's almost overwhelming - in a very good way!

Pink Pineapple Scrapbooks was the host store and a very cute one too (another 'first' for me!). Even the bathroom was neat! I did a little shopping (a % of the store sales were donated to OSOA too!) I wish I could have found more of the things I was looking for there, I would have bought them too!

I had more pictures, they were pretty fuzzy so the best ones made it in this post for you!

There are a LOT of perks when you attend a Scrapbook Royalty event.

At THIS event, there were goodies when I walked in, a Fairy Flyby, food galore, lots of space on which to crop, a well lit area and beautiful 'Royal' decor. The AC that day was very welcome! I had time to work on projects and I met some lovely new people, had a chance to give to a wonderful charity in so many ways and I had a whole store to shop from!

Part of The 'Royal' Decor - so fun

Why don't YOU come out for The Royal Treatment!?! You'll be glad you did!

Group Shot:

Pam Hoffman