Thursday, July 23, 2009

Scrapbook Royalty on Facebook

We’re happy to let our friends and supporters know about Scrapbook Royalty's Facebook page.

All Scrapbook Royalty Angels (royal volunteers), participants, friends, and fans on Facebook will be able to follow SBR (Scrapbook Royalty) features on Facebook, and even comment on stories within our Facebook feed. What’s more, Facebook allows us to add all kinds of extra bonus content: photos from our events, videos of charitable crafters giving back, and the ability to be informed of SBR events from our page.

So if you’re on Facebook, hop on over and follow Scrapbook Royalty on Facebook!

How to Join Scrapbook Royalty on Facebook
First: Click on our link to our Facebook page.
Here's what to do next:
1. Click the "Become a Fan" button above to join the community (Can't see a button? You're already a member!)
2. Head over to the Royal Wall to join in and say hello!
3. Also feel free to check out our Photos from Royal events.

Royal Blog Contributor, Sudie Alexander


Pam Hoffman said...

Yay! SBR is on Facebook.

I've been several times and I always love it.

Thanks for working so diligently on that Sudie!

Pam Hoffman