Monday, July 27, 2009

Now on eBay!

Did you know that you can support
Scrapbook Royalty when you sell on eBay!
It's true!

Simply go to the Scrapbook Royalty Page on eBay and list your item for sale. You can choose to donate 10%-100% of the final selling price of your item. eBay will then refund your listing fee! It's all part of the eBay Giving Works Program.

Ebay sellers have raised over $124,000,000 since eBay Giving Works began in 2003!

I recently listed some Polly Pocket dolls on ebay and am giving 10% of the final sale price to Scrapbook Royalty. Check out my listing to see what yours can look like. Then go clean out your closet and see what you can find to help raise money to support SBR! Listing my item took all of 10 minutes, from taking the photo to typing it up on the eBay website. PLUS, once your item is listed, you can let all your friends on Facebook know about it through eBay's connection with Facebook.

Once you've listed your item to benefit Scrapbook Royalty, let us know by posting a comment on this blog post. Don't forget to include a link to your item. Listing multiple items? Post multiple comments for more chances to win! I'll do a drawing from all the comments here and choose one winner to receive a Prima prize pack from me and Scrapbook Royalty! Be sure to post your links in the comments section on this blog post by August 15th to be in the drawing.

Together we can combat clutter and raise some funds to help Scrapbook Royalty continue to do chairtable works for other charities.

Happy Bidding!

xoxo, Jennifer Priest