Monday, July 20, 2009

Silent Auction for Angel Faces.

Thank you Quick Quotes...

Another amazing event this weekend. Elena, Sheila, Liz, Chris, Anita and Eva were at the Quick Quote Private Reseve in Anaheim. This was one of those events that really make you feel good. The Quick Quotes event is always amazing in itself but Patsy from Quick Quotes and her peeps are always so wonderful and generous and giving when it comes to SBR and supporting us. Now that is all "amazing" in itself but the real amazing part is that one of the Angel Faces Retreat attendees came and shared her story with us. Karla was a doll and her family was there to support her. She told us about how the retreat had changed her and give her self confidence to face the world. She was born with a facial defect and her father recounted how after the camp, she was a completely different person. Its charities like Angel Faces that are out there making a difference in the world and reaching real people. Its charities like Angel Faces that we are honored to support!

Karla's wonderful supportive family. They could not say enough about Angel Faces!

Karla was courageous and lifted all of our spirits when she spoke.

Two new scrapbookers! Karla's whole family was invited to sit and do a make and take and Quick Quotes generously gave them a whole bag of scrapbooking supplies to get them started!

The event attendees donated 30 auction items. Susan L. brought a longeberger basket filled with great goodies including a $100 Starbucks gift we raffled that off and it raised over $500!!!

Faye is our winner! Lucky Girl!

With the rest of the items we were able to raise about $1300.

Paper Chase...

They do something really fun at their events called a Paper Chase. You get a pack of paper that is all the same and you have to run from person to person and trade 2 sheets each so that you end up with different paper which you get to keep. The first person to trade all their paper wins!

Here is Eva chasing that paper!

Here is the winner. she got $25 to spend on their wonderful products

Tran with one of our aprons on! How cute is she??!?

If you want to see more photos from the event or if you want to download any of these photos you can log into our winkflash account. If you have any photos to share, we would love you to upload them into the folder as well!

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The photos are in the folder titled:

090718 Quick Quotes Private Reserve.

~posted by Elena~