Sunday, January 2, 2011

Live at CHA Update

I’ll tell ya’ what!  Elena continues to amaze me with updates about our Live at CHA event!  I mentioned in the last CHA blog post about our wonderful swag bags but now Elena tells me that we are getting a free Make-N-Take from the people at Flower Soft.


Yes, I said Flower Soft.  They are the people that bring you pretty little sprinkles to add to your flowers to give them beautiful, soft dimension.  They will be giving a pot of this magic along with a tube of glue by Duncan and they will be hosting a live demonstration from the showroom floor on how to use the items they are adding to the swag bag!

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I hear the Make-N-Take thing is going to be awesome.   It will be streamed live from the showroom floor.  You can work on your own project from home while you chat with everyone else from their homes.   Then, if you want to show off your project, just raise your hand and they’ll turn the cameras on you.  (Hopefully I will have figured out how to use my webcam by then. *giggle*)

You will be able to chat with industry leaders and designers that are attending CHA!  There will be giveaways from manufacturers if you are in the chat room! 

So, how about you?  I’ve purchased my ticket and I’m clearing my schedule from January 29-30th that I can be around for as many live sessions as possible!  Come join me!!!

Click here to join in all the fun!