Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One Box Returns, Another One Is Sent

Imagine how sad it was for Elena to check Scrapbook Royalty's mail only to find that some of the Father's Day cards that many of us handcrafted for the troops had been returned! It was too late to send them to another set of soldiers overseas so we figured we'd just have to wait until next year to send them.

A few days later Elena received an email from Lenora Weigand, a mother wanting to send her son and other fathers serving overseas Father's Day cards from their children and families here. Woohoo! Elena sent Lenora the cards, which the families in her son's unit sent to their fathers overseas. Here is a note from Lenora:

Elena -

Just wanted to send you a separate note and say thank you again. Your kindness and love of our servicemen and women (my Son) touches my heart and I thank you. . . I volunteer at the USO and hope to deploy to Afghanistan soon with the USO. Knowing that there are individuals out there such as yourself who love their country and support our Troops tangibly is priceless! KNOW that what you are doing does touch lives! I have attached a photo of my son for you. Again, many many thanks!

What we all do through Scrapbook Royalty really does touch lives. It is so fortunate that we were still able to use these cards for those who are serving our country. Thanks so much for supporting SBR and the causes we help--without you we would not be a success and could not make the impacts we are making. Thank you!

Post by:
Jennifer Priest


Pam Hoffman said...

That's so COOL!

So the folks at home get to send their soldiers cards for Father's Day? Excellent.

Wow, the Universe provides eh?

Pam Hoffman

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

The universe does indeed provide! Such a cool thing!