Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Little Sweetness for the American Diabetes Association + Free Bandaids!

Like many SBR volunteers, my life and family have been touched by illness. Naturally, I love to see my charitable efforts help those organizations that fight against and support sufferers of that illness. Many members of my family suffer from Diabetes, Type I and Type II. Ask anyone with the disease, it is not an easy one to manage or live with. And as you age, the problems progress no matter how well you care for yourself.

Every year I help many causes through Scrapbook Royalty and though they are all noble, they are not all ones that affect or touch me personally. So this year I took the opportunity during National Scrapbook Day to help raise money for the American Diabetes Association Southern California office.

I taught a Prima Certified Make N Take, the "My Peeps" mini book, at 5 different National Scrapbook Day Crops at the Red Bee, Collective Journey, Scrappers' Cafe, Scrappin' In The Hills, and The Scrappin' Table (twice at the Table!). I donated 100% of the proceeds to Scrapbook Royalty to send to the American Diabetes Association. Then I did two raffles at Desert Scrappers Retreats this past weekend to also benefit the American Diabetes Association--a couple of SBR volunteers, Kari and Sonia, helped run the raffle.

We raised just under $200 for the American Diabetes Association. Not a ton of money but hey, every little bit helps! So thank you to everyone who took the make n take and bought raffle tickets. Everything we give, no matter how large or small, is a gift from the heart and I truly appreciate your support for this cause over the last month.

Thanks so much!

Also, I wanted to tell you about the NEXCARE GIVE program from Nexcare, a 3M company. June 14 is World Blood Donor Day and in honor of that, Nexcare is offering to send blood donors free bandaids printed with the word "Give". I'll post it about it a little bit--give blood and get a little something in return. It isn't much to give really, just a little bit of your time to go donate.

And thanks again for your generosity!