Tuesday, May 19, 2009

They're Grrrrrreat!!

I remember as a kid I loved Frosted Flakes. It was always a race to see if I could eat my whole bowl fast enough to not let the flakes get mushy!

Now, you know we love to tell you about what grrrrreat things are going on in the world of giving. Part of our mission is to create opportunities for crafters to give...

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes has a program called the Earn Your Stripes (EYS) field renovation program thats aimed to renovate neighborhood sports fields across the U.S. Thousands of fields have been nominated some with as many as 700,000 supporters! Those fields have now been narrowed down to 100 finalists and your vote will help determine the winning fields.The semifinalist fields were chosen based on the feasibility of the field makeover, the location and age of the field, how often it gets used, how many events take place, what teams use it, the number of other athletic fields in the community, the demand, condition, and the impact a field renovation would have on the community.

So... if you could please visit the Frosted Flakes website and vote for your favorite "field story" you would be helping a communities dreams come true!


Jolee Jane said...

Just a huge Thank you!
for all your support and commitment to showcasing all the Good in the community!