Sunday, December 14, 2008

On the Second Day of Christmas...

Scrapbook Royalty Gave to Me...
A Pair of Limited Edition Fiskars Breast Cancer Awareness Scissors

AND ...

A Scrapbook Royalty Clock Tote Hook from Treasures for Charity!!

To win these two fabulous prizes, simply leave a comment with your answer to the trivia question below. To keep the contest fair, your comments won't show up on our blog until tomorrow but rest assured, they are "saved" so there is no need to post multiple times. Only one entry per person, per day please.

Tomorrow before noon we'll draw one name from the correct responses to win the prize!! Comments close at midnight each day.

Here's the question:

What are the TWO websites where Scrapbook Royalty earns money every time you search or shop online? (You must have both websites listed to qualify)

HINT: The answer can be found here on our blog or on our website.

BONUS QUESTION: What is Scrapbook Royalty using these two websites to raise money for?

If your name is drawn and you have the Bonus Answer correct, we'll add another goodie to your prize pack! Good luck!


Jennifer Priest said...

Comments will all be published the next day just to keep the contest fair so don't worry if your comment does not show, we'll receive it and publish it the next day. Also, please make sure you identify yourself in your post somehow so we can announce who won each day!

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

pick me pick me!

Kris W said...

Are the 2 programs GoodSearch and GoodShop?
Both of these programs r used to raise money for charities, services, events and such...

Kari J said...

The sites are Good Search and Good Shop. The money raised goes to pay for the storage building to house all of Scrapbook Royalty's goodies! I had to look for that one :)

Andree said... is for searching and for shopping there are Heritage Makers Kidz Worxx


The sites are Goodshop and Goodsearch. Just the places to shop for Christmas!
Patty Burdick

Karen Yvonne Poirier-Brode said...

This was challenging to figure out exactly what you meant. was one
but is the other. Or did you mean one of the sponsors like
The charities are easier. The very deserving
Cancer Coping Center and the San Marcos Boys and Girls Club.

Sondra Myers said...

and bonus q's is
charities and noble causes

Sondra Myers

Jennifer C. said...

Happy Holidays everyone!


Scrapbook Royalty is dedicated to raising money and 100% awareness for "Noble" causes. 100% of all money is donated to charities.

Mardi said... and to receive money and Susan G. Komen Foundation and Austim Speaks are two of the charities. TFS!

Debby said...

I'm learning a lot here, but probably not enough

GoodSearch - search to raise money
GoodShop - % varies from store to store

and you raise funds for "noble causes."

Anonymous said... &

stanley said... and the money is used for "noble" causes.

Kathleen said...

Well I hope I figured this out right. The websites are and

For the bonus question you use all the money for helping out various charities around the USA.

You do a great job in all of your efforts.

Kathleen #324

Anonymous said...

Hello Jennifer
Answer: and
Bonus Question: Charity

This Is Laura Jackson

Anonymous said...

This is Laura Jackson
Answer: and
Bonus: Charity

Marie C. said...

Hi Ladies! What fun to get ready for the holidays.

My "guess" is and

Both can provide benefits to The Unforgettables organization.



Jennifer Priest said...

Commenting in now closed for this post. Thanks!

Rachelle said...

1. Start by drawing a rectangle on a piece of paper. Draw one for each room of your home.
Then draw in all doors and windows. Your children can use crayons to draw in beds, tables, etc.

Bonus Rebuilding Memories was the name of the event.