Friday, September 19, 2008

Search and Shop....and Raise Money for Scrapbook Royalty!!

Have you heard of GoodSearch? Or GoodShop?

Both of these sites help charities raise money for operating costs, events, services, and more. And guess what? Scrapbook Royalty is now regsitered with BOTH!!

Here is how it works:

  1. Go to GoodSearch or GoodShop.
  2. In the box where it says "Who Do You Good Search for" (in the middle of the page) enter "Scrapbook Royalty".
  3. Now start searching! Just use GoodSearch to search the web as you usually would and each time you search, Scrapbook Royalty earns money. GoodSearch is connected to Yahoo so you will get the same links as you would if you were just searching using Yahoo, except that now you're helping chairty!
  4. You only have to enter "Scrapbook Royalty" once and GoodSearch will save it for you so that everytime you search you are helping Scrapbook Royalty.
GoodShop works the same way. Just enter the charity and then select the store at which you'd like to shop. Each online store donates a different percentage of your sale to Scrapbook Royalty - and GoodShop lists them all so you know exactly how much you are helping.

So what exactly are we raising money for anyways?

Scrapbook Royalty has to have a place to store all of the great decorating supplies, prizes, sponsors' donations of products, furniture and display pieces, and more that we use to make our fundraising events fabulous. We have it all in a safe storage building but this building is costing us $1884 a year to rent!

We have 1700+ people on our newsletter emailing list. If just 500 of them joined GoodSearch and did one search a day for a few months (just doing your usual searching) we'd have enough money to pay for the storage building for the year!

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!

So go to GoodSearch and GoodShop now to get started! And thank you for your support.


Anonymous said...

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