Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Last night there was a knock at my front door--no one comes over here without calling unless they are Trick-or-treaters. So it was pretty odd. I open the door and this guy is standing there with this big bouquet of flowers--for me? Yes, for me! Right away my husband says, in a slightly jealous tone, "Who are those from?". Hehe

Wonderful Maryam from the Cancer Coping Center sent them to me with a note of heartfelt thanks for my help at their Nov 11th Scrapbook Royalty fundraising event. How nice! Plus Maryam got the inside info that it was my birthday today--we share the same birthday! Happy Birthday to you too Maryam!

How nice, I got flowers as a thanks, practically on my bday, and now I have a nice bouquet for the table at Thanksgiving--love it! So thank you so much Maryam! It is so often that charitable work goes unpaid and unrecognized. I feel so very appreciative that you have recognized me for the little that I do to contribute to Cancer Coping Center through Scrapbook Royalty. Thanks so much--it feels great to help such a great organization and to be a part of Scrapbook Royalty.

P.S. Thanks everyone who sent well wishes to me today, especially Mel and E for singing Happy Birthday! LOL You're making me feel old!