Friday, November 2, 2007

Another Royal Update!

Hello Royal friends!

Cancer Coping Center Events

In just 8 days, Scrapbook Royalty's Cancer Coping Center weekend is upon us. There is still room for both Saturday and Sunday, please register on our website if you'd like to participate. We'll be making albums for families coping with cancer, and every person registered will receive a kit to make an album for herself too. You'll receive free meals, get to bid on silent auctions, and have lots of fun!! Don't miss it!

Saturday at It's About Time... Scrapbooks and More in Murrieta, CA

Sunday at Pink Pineapple Scrapbooks in Vista, CA

Ontario Scrapbook Expo

Last weekend was our second time having a booth at one of the Scrapbook Expos - it was Ontario this time. We saw many friends and made lots of new ones too. Our booth was small and busy, but SO CUTE! Below is a picture of Elena and I at the booth before the crowd came in on Friday.

We got a lot of positive feedback about the event we are planning for the fire victims, and we are still working out details. We are tentatively planning for January '08, so keep your eyes and ears open. We will let you know as the details get planned!

A tremendous thank you to Quick Quotes who added on to their booth so that we could participate in Scrapbook Expo and who are always very generous, helpful and supportive of our efforts. Also, thank you SO much to Patty, Sandy and Gaye who helped us out on Friday, and to Terri, Jesse, Jen, and little Katie who helped us out on Saturday, including tearing down and piling everything into the cars! We couldn't have done it without you!

Treasures for Charity

Elena and I are very proud to announce that the Treasures for Charity site is now officially launched! Yay! Treasures for Charity is the website where all the Scrapbook Royalty merchandise can be purchased, such as the tote hooks, tote towels, and aprons. There are also lots of other goodies like Swarovski crystals and beautiful decorative items. Almost anything on the Treasures for Charity site makes a great Christmas gift (yup, it's sneaking up on us).

Take a look, and please check back often!!

Check this out - Elena came across this article on the ABC News website about the millions of germs found on a woman's purse during a recent study. The tote hooks found at are a great way to help minimize the number of germs on your purse by keeping it off the floor or other dirty surfaces!

We wish you all a wonderful weekend! Until next time...