Friday, February 18, 2011

A review of Live at CHA

On my personal blog, I raved about my experience in taking part in CHA through Charity Wings.  I thought my enthusiasm for the weekend was unique and too silly to share with you all.  However, the adorable Julie Cooper-Hraynyk has since confirmed that I'm not the only overly enthused nut. Ha!

Julie shared a few of her thoughts and actually stated that the
experience was more than [she] ever expected!

"I signed in, focused like I was about to take three days of intense classes. After logging in I suddenly realized I was in a chat room full of nurturing ladies who all shared the same passion for crafting as I do.

Shortly our moderators and volunteers joined the room, coming online to introduce themselves, the countdown started for the beginning of our event. We were all so excited, sharing stories and showing things we had made. Some showing their studios and others introducing their families.  

Once Elena came on the screen she was so energetic, wanting everything to be perfect for all of us, 
some of the time there was more than 100 of us all in the chat room at one time. 
This didn't fluster Elena or the moderators and volunteers at all. We met so many "celebrities".   At times we were awestruck and speechless. Vendors came on screen to show us new products and how to use them, then they were generous enough to give us a chance to win the new products as well as donating a second set to be posted as a silent auction on eBay to raise money for the wonderful charity, Crops Of Love

I was so touched to know that I was able to be a part of this. It opens your heart to realize that what you give can do so much for others. 

I learned so much from the vendors, got to see generosity first hand, was given the chance to help raise money for charity via silent auctions and last but not least I made friends with people from all over the states, as well as Australia. 

I can not wait to join in on another event with Charity Wings."

Julie also mentioned that she had never made a card before this webcast!  I was so shocked to see people say things like that...but then again, I know ther are many crafty things that I haven't yet attempted myself.

The first card Julie made was one inspired and demoed by Nikki Sivils.  She was super sweet and great at inspiring all of us to use the samples to our own liking.

How cute is this card?!

I guess Julie was so inspired by how quick it is to make a card because she made another card that weekend using the Prima flowers and paper.

Second card Julie has EVER made!

inside of Julie's card

Great job, Julie!!!!!!!  Hope you will only continue to be inspired to try something new, but I understand how it great it feels to do something like this when you're also benefiting a great cause like Crops of Luv!