Friday, December 10, 2010

Seaside Soiree Day One

Yes, our first annual Seaside Soiree was a hit...a huge success...totally awesome! That's what we are hearing from the ladies who attended this special event last weekend.

We began our exciting Charity Wings Seaside Soiree adventure on a cool, Friday night at the Oceanside Marina Suites in Oceanside California. Our suites were right on the water in the harbor. We were no less than 15 feet from the water's edge. And, when I say suites, I mean gorgeous two bedroom, two bath apartments with full kitchen, dining and living rooms.

Ladies from all over the country came to California for the first annual Seaside Soiree and they were not disappointed.

The building just beyond the pool was our home base for classes, meals and general girl time.

Registration began at 3:00 with Maria

Immediately we were presented with gifts. We received gifts all throughout the event. These darling totes were stamped by Amy Geller, Charity Wings Volunteer Coordinator, with the Birthday Elena Mermaid, created by Suzi Blu. They were embellished with beautiful handmade flowers. Inside the tote were awesome tools for us to use in our classes,

donated by Westcott. They support all our event with scissors and cutting tools! Please ask for them when you are in a craft store like Michael's or Jo Anns!

Our first class was a sea shelled, collaged frame taught by Miss Vicki.

Some examples of the beautiful work our artists created. We each made two frames. One of the frames was signed and donated to an auction. We bid on each other's frames and, of course, the highest bidder took home a piece of art that another person made.

It's not an official party without our very own Princess Elena Etcheverry looking oh so

glamorous in her very elegant tutu.

Cheryl Waters was a guest and helped make the event super special!

Artists, Marianne and Vanessa getting their fingers sticky with glue.

Elena sharing her birthday present...a gorgeous painting from Kelly Lish.

Princess Cynthia having a fun, happy time.

Susie and Elena

Super Volunteer, Glenna...this event was a total success because of the wonderful women that volunteered their time and energy to taking care of the attendees every whim.

Another Super awesome Volunteer, Danette

Carmen and Lauren (Lauren worked her tail off while she was there!)

Silly Sally have a glass of the wonderful wine that was donated by
Maureen O'Neill from her own family winery.

Maloy O'Neill Vinyards

They supplied wine for both dinners and it was amazing. If you make it to Paso Robles, please go visit them!

Brave Girls, Patrice and Kolleen reconnecting.

Liz Hicks taught an amazing class by Serendipity Studios. Here she is with Patricia.

Elena and Rachel - Rachel brought beautiful beads for everyone from her online store Stinkin' Cute (coming soon)

Jamie and Chrissy also Brave Girls!

Dr. Karen,Carmen and Sally. These amazing women support all we do!

Alicia and Kathryn met Elena through her Cool Scrapbook Stuff Book Club and they just laughed the whole time!
Elena and Lara Blair, hamming it up!

Tiara Time with Liz
many tiaras were worn during this event. Here is Kelly looking positively ROYAL!

Jessie looking so pretty in her tiara

Elena and Kat

Princess Michelle taught us how to make a tiara out of chicken wire on day 2... more photos to come!

Princess Sheila happily making her tiara. She was also wearing every other hat that made this fabulous event happen.

Brave Girls, Liz, Jamie and Camille
It's just not a party without peppermint fudge sundaes.

Elena looks like she may have done this before.
If you didn't see your picture here, we have lots more to share.

Stay tuned for day two and three.

Posted by Kat Baker