Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crafters Doing Good: Paperclipping Live Efforts to Collect Items for Life Books

Paperclipping Live is doing an event on May 1, 2010, National Scrapbook Day. It's all about helping kids who are wards of the state -- check it all out here:

“Children in the custody of Social Services create Life Books to remember their lives and the people they have lived with. Life Books are simple scrapbooks the social workers, foster families, and adoptive families put together with the children. Life Books are also used as a form of therapy, to get to know the children, and to understand their situations. They are also used to help the children feel a sense of belonging. The children take the books with them as they move through Social Services. Scrapbook supplies are used to create these books, but Social Service offices don’t have budgets for the supplies they need.

They can use anything you want to give … tools you don’t use anymore; a sticker sheet that only has one sticker left on it; pens you never use; things you want to get rid of so you can have room for something else; whole sheets of paper; good size scraps you don’t want to keep; freebies you’ve received but won’t ever use; supply storage containers you don’t want anymore … you name it!”

So gather all the items you planned on selling at your next scrappy garage sale and assemble a bag for this cause. It's easy, costs you next to nothing (because you'll be delivering it locally), and helps a great cause.

Find your local contact person by contacting the state here:

Department of Social Services

744 P Street MS 19-73
Sacramento, CALIFORNIA 95814

Outside of CA?

Find your contact person here:

After you've completed the task and posted to Paperclipping about it, come here and share the weight of the items you donated. Thanks for supporting this worthy cause ;)

Posted by Jennifer Priest
Creative Director for Scrapbook Royalty