Friday, April 17, 2009

Look we did yesterday!

For the Friends of Scott Prom for Kids with Cancer

Last year we made 150 frames for the goody bags at the Friends of Scott Prom. This year we are making ornaments. This is for teenagers with cancer who may not be able to go to their own prom.
I know it is sad to hear but some of them are going through chemo and bloated or bald, some of them are hospitalized and some of them don't live to see a prom.
I love being a part of this very moving very special event. So Floracraft donated 216 Styrofoam stars and a case of diamond dust and we are making ornaments that the kids can keep as souvenirs.

Here is an unfinished sample...

Jennifer T, Dawn T, Julie and I are pounding out rosettes, glittering, tying ribbons and as you can see Julie and I painted till we were literally high yesterday. I did have a headache afterwards. Thank you to Mira Mesa Self Storage for letting us use one of the empty storage units for painting out of the wind :)

and look what else arrived...

can't wait to try it!


Jennifer Priest said...

Awesome!!! The stars look wonderful--so nice of you guys to do that for the kids.

Euphoria said...

ohhhh... pretty, pretty!! I have all my rosettes done for ya and will bring them in the mornin'!