Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cards for Troops Update!!!

I am happy to announce have received 22 packages from all over the country and have a total of 351 cards so far! I know a lot of people wait till the last minute so I am hoping we will get more. Every day I get at least one package in the mail so the count will go up...I have been getting packages in the mail every day!

Here is a photo of what I have so far. I tried to take a picture of at least one card out of each group but might have missed some. i will upload those this afternoon...

Some guidelines:

  • It is very helpful if you send envelopes with your cards please. Those of you that did not, its ok, I will be buying some to add and I am still so grateful for your beautiful creations!
  • buy the envelopes first so you know what size to make your card
  • Stick the back of the card into the envelope when you send it to me so they can see the card front without having to take the card out and the card and envelope will not get separated.

or use clear envelopes,

or put the envelope and card in a clear bag.

  • use a standard size envelope, letter or card, 6x6 and odd sizes are more expensive to send.
  • keep the bulk down. buttons and charms dont always ship that well.

That's it for now... Send cards to:

Scrapbook Royalty

PO Box 910665

San Diego, CA 92191

Thanks so much for your suppor!


Jennifer Priest said...

Oh my goodness! So many awesome cards!

Pam Hoffman said...

I sent a few cards last Thursday or Friday.

I hope the package gets there by Tuesday!

Thank you for collecting them and sending them along.

Pam Hoffman