Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Say "I'm In" and Get Free Coffee!

This week (Jan 21-25, 2009) Starbucks is doing a call for volunteers! Pledge to give 5 hours of your time to help a worthy cause and Starbucks will give you a free tall coffee. All you have to do is make your pledge online HERE and then go into Starbucks and say "I'm in."

Want to volunteer for Scrapbook Royalty as part of your pledge?

Email us info@scrapbookroyalty.org and we'll send you a volunteer questionnaire to help us use your talents and time most effectively. We are always looking for volunteers to help at Expos, Retreats, our events, and for the prep work involved in putting on our charity events. We also need talented web designers, people with publicity experience, grant writers ...you name it! Local or across the United States, we can use your help!

And hey, you might even get a free coffee out of it.


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