Thursday, August 7, 2008

Healthy Handbags Need ToteHooks!

Trisha, scrapbooker extraordinaire and past SBR event attendee, recently posted a story on her blog about the health dangers associated with handbags. Basically they are bacteria carrying hotels!!

One way to help control the germs that get on your handbag is to use a totehook to hold your bag. Don't plop the bag on the dirty floor and then put it on a nice dinner table--get a totehook! I'm always using mine at restaurants and I even use it in the restroom when no hook is available--I hook it over the door and hang my bag on it so no germies get on my nice bag.

Of course, the tote hook is always a great scrapping accessory too--perfect for those AMM bags or any open top tote for that matter. So be healthy and get a totehook. They are available in tons of girl friendly colors and finishes and you can even get one with a cute clock on top!!

If you participated in the Black White and Scrap All Over event, you already have a totehook from the goodie bag you received during the event--woohoo!!

Totehooks are also good for the soul too because 20% of the price of each hook is donated to charity. Pick up your tote hook from Treasures for Charity or an LSS near you today!