Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Black, White & Scrap All Over Update

Black White & Scrap All Over is well underway! Check out the fun time Jodie had going to the stores in a recent letter we received:


I just wanted you to know what a great time me and two friends had on Saturday. We visited all six stores and we had a great time. My favorite store of all was the bonus store, Auntie Amy's. They were wonderful!!! I'm sorry you didn't make it there on your road trip. It was well worth the drive. It was the first store we visited and everyone was SOOOOO friendly and helpful. They even had a second make and take that day that we participated in. Amy herself, helped me with my layout. She was awesome. Jennifer, one of the teachers there kept telling me that if I had any questions or wanted to know how something was done, she would be glad to help me. They were extremely knowledgeable about their products and projects. I wanted to stay there all day...

I hope that you continue to include this store in your fundraisers. I hope everyone who signs up gets to visit the store.

---Jodie Ruiz

Here's some more info about the minibook contest submissions: Complete your mini book by adding your own flair, photos, and one more color if you like (can be various shades of the same color). Then please send us up to 10 photos of your book via email. Please do not send us full sized files. 640x480 is ideal. If you are scanning, check your settings, if you are taking photos, set your size to 0.3 mega pixles. The photos will be posted on the blog and the second week of July, the stores will each be choosing a winner!

Also Scrapbooks and More will stay open till June 14th! She will be closed June 11th.

See you out at the stores!