Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We have a Queen!!

It took us a few days to total everything but finally, we know that the Queen of Silent Auctions is...

Michelle Bentley!

...Which means she not only brought in $1000 in donations (and was crowned Queen of Philanthropy), but she also spent the most money on silent auctions!! Thank you so much Michelle!! It is because of generous people like you that so many charities like the Boys & Clubs, Rady Children's Hospital, and ourselves can offer services to others.

As of right now, we have raised:

  • $10829 to be split between Rady Children's hospital and the Boys and Girls Club of San Marcos
  • $740.60 for our Families Affected by the 2007 Wildfires fund
  • $115 for BeLoved (1/2 of the money raised through massages)

There will be more!! We will be posting the information about the Cricut and Family Portrait raffles and are hoping to raise a whole bunch of money off of that!

Thanks again to everyone who attended! Your help and generosity has helped us to help other charities! Plus we get to do it while enjoying our wonderful craft of scrapbooking!