Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fruit Roll Up Winners and Rebuilding Memories Crop

I wrote all the names on a piece of paper and the winners of the My Fruit Roll Ups contest are: Nicole, Paola, and Michelle. Email me for your coupon code!!! (This contest was for comments posted on Elena's personal blog as well as the SBR blog) Here is a picture of the box I received. The personalization is hard to see but it is sooooo cute!! and I accidentally munched the bottom corner but you get the idea! Such a fun treat!

However, the real winners are us, the Scrapbook Royalty committee becuase we got to hold an event this weekend that directly affected people that needed it. Usually our events are for people that we never get to meet. This time it was for people that we got to talk to, cry with, and really get to know. It was amazing. We had about 40 RSVPs but for some reason only about 15 showed. This was a bit of a bummer since we had quite a few last minute RSVPs and we were scrambling to rent tables and get more food donated etc. But take it all in stride, we had 10 paid participants that were just there to support the event and 17 volunteers who worked tirelessly throughout the day to scan, print and repair photos, teach classes, offer support, and feed these great participants. We also gave away an entire SUV full of supplies. We came with 2 1/2 SUVs so we gave away a lot of stuff!

Generous Folks!!

And even more stuff arrived at the event, generously donated by Cheryl and Anita- Fisakteers whom we love! They both drove quite a distance to be there and we were so grateful. Anita stayed till 11 pm helping us tear down. THANK YOU to the people who graciously donated their time to make this happen. My wonderful neighbors Chad and Tracy, my brother Eric, Lisa K, Tina and Lisa's Dad from Heritage Makers, who scanned and printed their fingers off, Coby B who repaired damaged photos with the help of Operation Photo Restoration, Liz and Julie who do everything and anything to make these events a success, Gloria and Jesse faithful committee members who make the event go smooth no matter what is thrown at them, Jennifer P who collected tons and tons of donations and who met with me several times to give me boxes and boxes of stuff, Bonnie who has been a huge part of growing Scrapbook Royalty and helped set up and check people in, Amber for getting us a great location and some wonderful participants, Christi from Pink Pineapple who taught a Scrapbooking 101 class and got

10 people converted to the dark side, and her husband Jerry who was going to give a talk about fire safety but we ran too late and they had to go, Carrie and Amy Fire Crisis Counselors who found us at the last minute and helped all day and whom we became fast friends with, Maryam and David for supporting everything we do, AND MOST OF ALL MELANIE WHO WORKS WITH ME TIRELESSLY, AND FOR FREE EVERY SINGLE DAY TO MAKE SCRAPBOOK ROYALTY A SUCCESS.