Monday, January 28, 2008

Free Personalized Fruit Roll Ups!- What's your sweetest?

I wrote before about being part of this group called "Mom Central" and that they have me sample products and blog about them... well, I just got another one and it is so cool! Personalized Fruit Rolls Ups! Yummy and creative! Perfect for my circle of friends! I went on line to and ordered mine and it was so easy! There are hundreds of designs to choose from and you get to add your own phrase! There are even different fonts and fonts sizes! I have a box of 30 of them with personalized with "Scrapbook Royalty" a Tiara and ball gown. We will be taking those to CHA to give our favorite vendors :) Please visit their website to design your own. They also have a gallery where they post the most creative ones.

I get to give 3 boxes away!!!

So leave a comment here with the Sweetest Valentine's Message you have ever received and on February 3rd, I will choose 3. You will get a code to order your personalized snacks and if you do them that day, they will arrive by V-day! Too Fun! I will post the winners here and on the Scrapbook Royalty blog. Good luck!



Nicole said...

How cute is that. What a novel idea. :)


Michelle Lanning said...

me! What a great idea

Jenifer said...

kids would love these what a great Idea. Hi Ladies you are truely doing great work, keep it up.
Jenifer Cowles #679

Nan Paturzo said...

sweetest comment....? a sideways hand-drawn heart with an "i love you, mommy" written from my little one... :)
doesn't get better than that!
xoxxoxo girls!

Kristi B. said...

what a cute idea! I'm going to have to check these out for the SCS girls :o)