Sunday, July 10, 2011

Last Live Streaming at CHA

Journal wording reads Charity Wings ( had a Live Streaming Event at CHA in Los Angeles at the beginning of 2011. Now, since I am getting excited about being there for a repeat of the fun next week in Chicago; I reviewed some photos of the last CHA and decided that they were definitely worthy of a scrap layout.
Watching Elena as she pulls this production together is great fun. I'm handicapped, so, I cannot offer manpower; but, I can occasionally run an errand on my scooter (and try not to run folk over).
Getting to see all the new "stuff" up close and personal and reviewing the product with the designers and manufacturers is a very special experience. The format of offering this experience to all who contribute to the charity effort, by live streaming the event, is terrific.
I did spend a little time at the Westcott booth where folk made donations and created duck tape fashions. Such creative and fun folk attend CHA. It was great fun to meet them!


Christine said...

Love your layout Elena!!! Can't wait for this time!!!

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

this is actually by Karen Porier Brode!! Love it!

denise jane said...

The layout looks so pretty. The photos are more organized if put this way. What a great idea.
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Clipping Path said...

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