Tuesday, February 1, 2011

snOMG 2011 in Chicago...now what?

Well...it's official....the Chicago Blizzaster has hit!  It's almost midnight here in Chicago and this is what I see outside my window.  We've experienced something called Thundersnow (unreal!) which I don't ever recall having witnessed before.

Yup....the snow is really piled up that high and this beast has just picked up steam!

So what does this mean for me tomorrow ?  Thankfully, I can (and have to) work from home tomorrow.  I'm guessing a good chunk of my team, if not all, will be home tomorrow so there won't be a lot of communicating.  This could even get more problematic if the power goes out - eek!

So I'm snowed in...what shall I do?

Having spent the weekend with so many of you, I've been able to see the coolest new and upcoming products and I've been inspired.  If you weren't able to participate in the webcast this weekend, make sure to stop by the Charity Wings facebook page.  All the links to the designers and manufacturers are posted.  Lots and lots of good stuff, I promise!!!!

The coolest product I saw this weekend?  Hmmm.....I think I'm going to have to say that I was awe-struck by TAP (Transfer Artist Paper).  I can't wait to stop by my lss to pick some up and play.

I also can't wait to hear about how much we were able to raise for Crops of LuvA lot of items were put for auction on eBay to continue benefiting Crops of Luv...so make sure to stop my and submit some bids.  There is some super cool stuff on there!  I'll gladly take any donations :)

I also just officially joined Club Royalty.  I know, I know....bad blogger Nubia!  I should have signed up ages ago!  But in doing so, I got to see some of the cool initiatives that they just shared...so I'm definitely gonna catch up and make some cards for that.  Maybe that's where I'll start tomorrow!